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Welcome to a Wellness Revolution

TULAH (तुला)  =  BALANCE
     Sanskrit               English 

Located in the heart of God’s Own Country, Tulah is the world’s first Integrated Clinical Wellness Resort designed to help one achieve balance through healthcare, nutrition & fitness, mindful practices, wisdom, learning and awareness programs.

Tulah is about creating a balance between one’s mind, body and soul. True to our ethos, we enable people to find balance physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially through a holistic approach to resting, recovering and renewing oneself.

A flagship project of KEF Holdings, Tulah follows the ideology of its parent company – to be different and make a difference.


When you become a part of Tulah, you are becoming part of an idea that changes the course of not just the wellness of an individual, but that of humanity as a whole.

Headquartered in Dubai International Financial Centre (DIFC) in the UAE, KEF Holdings is an industry agnostic company, with a journey spanning over 25 years, shaped by the mission of being different and making a difference. KEF Holdings is powered by innovation, an unshakeable disruptive spirit and an unwavering commitment to creating positive social impact for a better future.

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